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More comprehensive views on technology developments with impact on the ability to make decisions faster and more confident!


Knowledge Transfer into the scientific area deals with comprehensive facts about Futuretechnologies, the process of technology developments, the appropriate methodologies as well as the different views on technology developments from the perspectives of politics, economy, environment, from one technology to others and vice versa. The Knowledge Transfer happens via presentations in a specific exciting way called FUTURTECHMENT .
Instruments for a worldwide transfer are e. g. lectures, compressed courses and speeches.

Lectures and compressed courses are offered worldwide at universities. Speeches are performed according to various occasions e.g. at organizations of different disciplines, other institutions and at congresses as well. Target groups are in general all social groups no matter of age or typification of knowledge in technological developments.
Companies as part of society are also embedded, especially because of their important contribution to the technology contents and also the responsibility to support the creation of a sustainable future for our society.

The following examples of titles for lectures, compressed sources and speeches are ment to clarify the portfolio of services:

  • New Technologies and Innovation Leadership
  • How is the process to evaluate Futuretechnologies shaped?
  • The dimensions of Technology Transfer
  • What have Moth Eyes and Gekkos to do with automobiles?
  • Will Nanotechnology be the Asbestos of the future?

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