Technological developments provide multiple opportunities for securing the future development of companies and for society on the whole.


Taking the necessary excitement and fascination for Futuretechnologies into account one can optimize the opportunities for technological developments and transfer these findings into other applications and industry segments.

This refers to Technology Areas such as Energy and Mobility, Production, Security and Environment, Informationtechnology , Electronics and Photonics, Nanotechnology, New Materials and in specific the Emerging Technologies NANO –INFO –BIO -COGNO.

To deal with the risks attached to those developments responsibly is mandatory.

As a so called „Ambassador for Technology Transfer“ it is my ambition to transfer my knowledge on subjects such as Technology -Innovation -and Future Management, Technology Enhancement   as well as Technology Communication  into the industrial sectors and the scientific areas.

The Transfer into companies takes place by projects, conceptual work and workshop activities. In order to bring outside knowledge of Futuretechnologies inside Universities or other scientific institutions transfer tools such as lectures, courses and speeches are used. These services are in general called FUTURETECHMENT!


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