The main services which have been developed and are now offered as a so called „Ambassador for Technology Transfer“ deal with a broad spectrum of technological knowledge. The services are designed for the industrial sector on one hand and for the scientific area on the other hand. The subjects and the way of transfer are aligned according to the needs of the different target groups.



Industrial Sector:
Knowledge to be transfered into the industrial sector cover subjects like  Technology, -Innovation –and Future Management, Technology Enhancement as well as Technology Communication. This absorbed  knowledge of Futuretechnologies, Technology Communication and also the broad knowledge of the processes including different methodologies is being transfered by coaching , consulting work and also executing efforts, especially in ways such as projects, concepts, workshops or speeches.

Scientific Area:
Knowledge transfer into the scientific area happens with comprehensive facts about Futuretechnologies the process of technology developments, the appropriate methodologies as well as the different views on technology developments from the perspectives of politics, economy, the environment or from one technology to others and vice versa. The knowledge transfer happens worldwide via presentations in a specific exciting way called FUTURTECHMENT. Instruments for the transfer are lectures, compressed courses and speeches.

All Sectors or Areas:
Representing companies or scientific institutions in new markets is e. g. a service for the industrial sector as well as for the scientific area. This service can be concidered a project. As project work can be concidered also the field of Technology Enhancement with the focus on identifying technology potential and developing those technologies upstream and finding the right market places.

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