Industrial Sector

Optimizing the Company Strategy, strengthening the innovation power and efficiency gains in the process chain supporting the core business! Enhancing the Communication Strategy as well as efficiency gains in the execution of communication efforts!


Knowledge to be transfered into the industrial sector referes to themes such as  Technology, -Innovation and -Future Management, Technology Enhancement as well as Technology Communication. This technology knowledge is being transfered by coaching, consulting work and also executing efforts, especially in ways such as projects, concepts or workshops. Representation of companies in new markets is considered a transfer activity also.
The main target groups are mid sized companies in various industry segments but OEM`s and smaller companies also.

The following examples are ment to clarify the spectrum of services:

Technology Projects

  • Approaching solutions for technical problems from the technology side
  • Evaluationg technology potentials, developing these potentials and positioning in the market places
  • Representing Technology Companies in new markets

Technolgy Concepts

  • Optimizing the process chain for Technology, - Innovation and -Future Planning
  • Implementing a new methodology for evaluating technologies
  • Conceptualizing a high tech diversification plan

Technology Workshops

  • Evaluating technology paths
  • Finding Innovation Potential and it`s implementation
  • Activated Innovation Culture and stronger leadership

Technology Communication

  • Improving the Efficiency of the communication impact
  • Evaluating Technology Congresses
  • Optimizing internal and external Innovation Communication
  • Applying for Innovation Awards…..
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