The subject here is to present the wide area of Futuretechnologies in a most exciting way and pointing out aspects of Fascination and Responsibility as well.

Examples for Lecturers, Compressed Courses and Speeches

  • New Technologies and stronger Leadership in Innovation
  • Future Perspectives
  • Discussing the process of Evaluating Futuretechnologies
  • The Dimensions of Technology Transfer
  • What have MothEyes and Gekkos to do with automobiles?
  • Will Nanotechnology  the Asbestos of the Future?
  • Opportunities of Electromobility in the days to come
  • The Fascination of Bionics
  • Emerging Technologies - Interdisciplinarity and Internationality
  • Balancing of Insourcing and outsourcing activities
  • Evaluating Future Trends and identifying proper actions



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