Advisory Skills

The fundamental advisory skills of Dr. Boßmeyer are based on several advanced educations and on various achievements during his business career gained in responsible functions on a national and international basis supported by practical and personal experiences over a long period of time.


Listing of the development steps in chronological order:

5 years

Advanced Education at Universities holding a Bachelor degree in engineering of the University Osnabrück, a masters degree in applied physics of engineering of the TU Berlin

3 years

Assisting Professor at the TU Berlin at the faculty of applied physics in engineering ,finishing with a Phd. Theme:„Non linear stress and strain display in orthotropic cylindrical shells under extensive pressure“.

30 years

BMW AG -Various tasks nationally and internationally as follows:

3 years  

Expert in Lightweight Design and Group Leader for Cooling Systems

4 years 

Productplanning 5 series and staff work for the CEO

4 years   

Venture Capital in Boston –Technology Investments and Technolgy Transfer for BMW

2 years   

Mergers & Aquisitions at BMW Headquarters

4 years 

Head of Marketing & Sales and Cofounder of AXICON / former BMW subsidiary

4 years  

Projectleader of the Board Initiative „Mobility Enterprise“


9 years  

Securing the positioning of the Scientific Division of BMW in the Product Development Process (PEP), the Innovation Process and in Technology Communication.. Setting up the company initiative to apply for Innovation and other Awards as well as the Evaluation Process for Future Technolgies and it`s opportunities.

Consulting work for BMW Board members and key managers in strategic areas of science and technology concerning mutual company aspects (e.g. evaluation of technology opportunities and risk management, research funding, technical and scientific communication, participation in the work of acatech regarding developments of mobility, planning for Congresses and applying for Awards, developing patents, for methodologies, etc.)


January 2009

Start with freelancing work as a so called “Ambassador for Technology Transfer” transferring knowledge on subjects such as Technology, - Innovation and -Future Management, Technology Enhancements and Technology Commmunication into the industrial sectors and the science world such as Universities and other institutions.

This new enterprise is carried out in terms of projects, concepts, workshops, speeches, lecturers and compressed courses.

The service products speeches, compressed courses, etc. is called FUTURETECHMENT,

meaning to present Futuretechnologies concerning the aspects of Fascination and Responsibility in a very exciting manner.



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